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The company

CromoFasem: the excellence of Made in Italy
Leaders in treatment and coating of metal surfaces

CromoFasem has many years of experience in the branch of galvanic finishes and production of steel structures for furniture.
Thanks to its vanguard technologies, the company is able to perform chrome finishes with the classic method of hexavalent chromium, or using a process based on trivalent chromium. This innovative system allows to obtain the covering of the metal surfaces, comparable to that achieved through the hexavalent chromium, but using an ecological process to virtually zero environmental impact.
The company is also equipped with an automated cutting system for the metal profiles, bending machinery with variable radius, robotic welding.
It even avails itself of a modern polishing department, where the preparation of the metals is carried out manually by skilled and highly specialized workers, but also with the use of numerical control robot.

In 2015, wisely mixing the metal with other materials such as glass, wood, leather, and counting on the collaboration of the designer Gianfranco Gualtierotti, Cromofasem creates a collection of home accessories designed for an increasingly sophisticate and exigent market, both in residential and contract.

Between creativity and innovation, the brand MOTIVI is being born. A line of products entirely made in Italy, materials guaranteed by high quality standards, with careful attention to details and all the various stages of processing. A modern and functional design featuring a timeless elegance, that responds quickly to the evolution of living.

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