The leather covers completely the steel structure, supporting the skeleton of this chair, making it elegant and full of charm, like it wears one haute couture dress. A "frac" brought with class and simplicity and then suitable for every situation; to exhibit at home or in the office, at the restaurant or in the hotel, in the professional studio or in the conference room.
The leather is available in the categories and colours of our collection.
A thin layer of polyurethane foam at high density provides the right comfort without compromising the light volumes .
The conical shape of the legs, additional distinctive detail of this chair, exalts its light and essential forms.

Design by Gianfranco Gualtierotti.

white 105

bulgarian 103

cream 122

natural 101

black 102

red 110

dove 123
Regenerated hide leather

blue 2304

white 2309

yellow 2090

brown 2219

black 2014

red 2065

green 2188